Following the now infamous nightclub bustup between Drake and Chris Brown's respective entourages, the New York State police are hiring extra security patrols for Drizzy's Jones Beach concert tonight (June 16).

TMZ reports that the Park Police asked for extra officers to patrol at Drake's Club Paradise tour stop in Jones Beach for fear of another incident similar to what went down at W.i.P.

While it's unclear so far as to who actually started the altercations, there were reports swirling that Drake was likely to get arrested at his Jones Beach tour stop for reckless endangerment. The New York Times reported that an eyewitness saw Brown ask a waitress to send a bottle of champagne to Drake’s table, which Drake refused. When the waitress returned the champagne to Brown, ice cubes were flung from his table, followed by a bottle. Chris Brown's lawyer denies that Brown sent a bottle of champagne to the Young Money rapper, insisting, “Clearly this was orchestrated by Drake.”

Drake’s posse retaliated by hurling several champagne bottles back, with one of the bottles striking Brown’s bodyguard Big Pat, and slicing his head open. A brawl followed, leaving five people injured. Brown’s bodyguard needed at least 20 stitches and a bystander who got hit with one of the bottles ended up with 16 stitches in her scalp.