It’s the dream of every Twihard to be asked out on a date by Edward Cullen -- or at least the actor who brought the character to life! Sweet, charming and mega-talented, Robert Pattinson is definitely a catch! If you got to spend some one-on-one time with R. Patz, what would your ideal date be?

Attending an awards show with Robert would definitely be a once-in-a-lifetime experience! Dozens of photographers would be there to capture moments on the red carpet. (And trust, you'll want to remember being on his arm!). It's a little high profile, but that's the price you pay for dating an A-list actor.

Of course, every Twilight fans knows of Forks, Wash., the town in which the action in the novels takes place. What's better than visiting the locale -- with Robert? You can wander the woods just like Bella. Don't forget your sunglasses! Rumor has it R. Patz sparkles when the sun hits him...

Another great destination to visit with Robert: his hometown! There's so much to see in London and the native makes the perfect tour guide! From Big Ben to Piccadilly Circus, we guarantee you'll have an action-packed date.

If hopping on a plane isn't your kind of outing, we think you'll love to spend some quality down time with Robert. He's a reserved guy, so hitting up a bookstore and grabbing coffee would be the perfect date. And, hey, who better to browse books with than Edward Cullen himself?

Which of these is your perfect date? Vote for your favorite in the poll!