The most memorable part of 'X Factor' contestant Drew's performance on Wednesday night probably came when she was finished. While she was quietly standing alongside host Steve Jones, L.A. Reid and Simon Cowell bickered like an old married couple. Reid was the one judge who criticized the singer's version of Demi Lovato's 'Skyscraper.'

Reid vs. Cowell has been a frequent billing this season on 'X Factor,' and frequently they've argued over Drew. The 14-year-old dedicated the song to her best friend Haley, and in the video montage prior to her performance viewers got a look at how the two one-time high school outcasts worked together to build each confidence. Haley busted into tears as Drew told her she was her inspiration this week.

None of the four judges actually gave any tangible feedback to Drew, but Reid offered comments to her mentor Simon Cowell. "You're doing songs for people that are 40. Why are you doing songs that are so old?" he asked in a sort of back-handed compliment. When Cowell finally had a chance to respond he was amped up.

"You are talking complete and utter rubbish," he said. "You're trying to make people feel that she's worthless and she's not." They went back and forth in an escalating series of barbs and verbal right hooks before Jones finally regained control of the show.

Two of the remaining nine contestants will go home on Wednesday night. The contestant with the fewest votes will be eliminated as will one of the next two lowest vote-getters.

Watch Drew Perform 'Skyscraper' on 'X Factor'