Poor Ed Sheeran. Taking to Instagram yesterday (March 8), Ed posted a fan letter he received during his visit to South Korea that's pretty much the epitome of a backhanded compliment. A fan wrote to him, "To Ed Sheeran (my great singer). I hope you love the shirt. You are [a] little ugly but I love you!" It's not, you know, the kindest fan letter we've ever read, but it did make us laugh.

Rather than take offense (at least outwardly -- we're not exactly privy to the innermost workings of Ed's emotional state) Ed saw the humor in the situation and captioned the photo, "God bless Korea." To the fan's credit, she definitely seems to be a pretty big fan of Ed's, even giving him a t-shirt along with her letter. She was just, you know, unforgiving and harsh in her wording.

We're glad Ed was able to laugh it off, and considering the incredible year he's having, we definitely get why. Not only is he currently on a massive headlining tour -- playing across Asia before heading to Australia next week -- but he recently took home two BRIT Awards for British Album and Best Male Solo Artist. He also delivered a fantastic performance of his single "Bloodstream" that blew us away. Not to mention he may be writing with the incredible Ella Henderson, which would make our entire lives. So much greatness and it's only March.

You can check out the fan's letter in the photo above!

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