Swoon alert! The infinitely amazing Ed Sheeran debuted a new song while performing at Madison Square Garden in NYC that everyone is tagging as 'So in Love.' The ginger kid never said the title outright, but that's the hook of the song, so it could be a safe bet. Or not.

Whatever the case, it's amazeballs.

"I wrote this song after the Grammys," Sheeran prefaced the song, after shushing the crowd more than once, since those teenage girls that lurve him are screamers.

He continued, "I was in a situation at the Grammys and everything was happening at once, and there was a lot of people around talking…a lot of s--t...I wrote something about it and I hope you enjoy it."

It's a love song that sort of reminds us of 'Little Things' (the tune he penned for One Direction), when he sings about her hair falling around her shoulders. He croons about being "so in love." We're like melting over here.

This is why girls line up outside of the 'TODAY' show days in advance of Sheeran performances and why he sold out multiple nights at MSG. His deeply personal, almost "too intimate" songs strike a nerve.

Hooked. That's what we are on this song. We bet he sings it to his new GF.