Ed Sheeran and fellow singer-songwriter Mike Rosenberg, who performs as Passenger, showed their versatility when they teamed up for a live medley of the Macklemore smash 'Thrift Shop' and the classic 1996 R&B hit 'No Diggity' by Blackstreet and Dr. Dre.

The cover opened with Passenger singing 'No Diggity' while Sheeran chimed in on harmony. The acoustic guitars gave the song a totally new vibe, and the guys didn't sound out of their league singing a hip-hop song. (Well, maybe a little.)

Sheeran then broke into the hook of 'Thrift Shop' while Passenger continued with 'No Diggity.' After posting their creative mashup online, Passenger wrote, "It was lots of fun and about as gangster as I get :-)."