We didn't think it was possible, but Ed Sheeran has endeared himself to us even further. He somehow managed to make a couple's wedding day even more memorable that it already was. And let's be real, someone's wedding day is pretty memorable by default. Ed showed up to couple Matt and Kya's wedding, unannounced and uninvited (well, uninvited in the way that you wouldn't expect a hugely popular musician to show up at your wedding so you just don't invite them) and sang "Thinking Out Loud" as a surprise wedding gift.

While the simple act of showing up and singing the most perfect, appropriate song for a wedding we've ever heard is more than enough, the couple's backstory made his gesture all the better. The groom, Matt, sent a letter to the radio station KIIS 1065, explaining that he wanted to marry his then-fiancee, Kya, but was forced to push back their wedding indefinitely when they ran into money issues after Kya's mother passed away. As an amazing surprise, KIIS decided to throw Kya and Matt a wedding (with an $80,000 budget!). As if that wasn't enough, they also managed to surprise the couple with the gift of Ed Sheeran.

The best part of all this? Other than the fact that a lovely couple's dreams were totally fulfilled, the entire thing was caught on tape! There's no song that gets us ugly-crying faster than "Thinking Out Loud" (in a good way!) so just imagine how we reacted when we saw the video. Check it out above!

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