You'd think that if there were another boy band that Emblem3 are sick and tired of hearing about, it would be the amazingly successful One Direction -- but no!

Much to our surprise, the guys aren't annoyed by any comparisons to 1D, and even say it's "awesome" to be compared to them. "They are the biggest band out right now," band member Keaton Stromberg says in a new video interview with Entertainmentwise. "And that's awesome to be compared to their success."

The 1D comparisons don't end with the fact that both made it big on televised talent shows and have business relationships with Simon Cowell. Wes Stromberg says it's also because, "We're all like the same age and we all have similar features."

And not only do Emblem3 not mind the One Direction talk, they even have a favorite member: Liam Payne! "Liam we talked to for a while," says Keaton. "He actually surfs and it's cool, we related on that level. He works out like we do." Emblem4, anyone?