What does the fox say? We don't know, but we know what Emblem3 fans are going to say when they see this video: asksjkasfjkasjkldfsjkldfsjklafsjklaaaaaajjfafjjhh!

Just in time for Halloween, the guys released a video showing them acting out Ylvis' 'The Fox' out on the road, in their tour bus, backstage, in the shower, etc. Mimicking the Norwegian duo's hilarious hit, Emblem3 dress in wacky costumes, make the same crazy dance moves and lip-sync the song's nutty lyrics. Did we mention that they're also shirtless a lot? THAT.

The whole clip is amazing, obviously! No surprise since we've come to expect hilarity from the Emblem3 fellas (think: Justin Bieber-esque birthday suits photo and playing doctor for Austin Mahone).

Or maybe the guys, who are currently on tour with Selena Gomez, are going a little crazy on the road.

"We thought the Ylvis song was genius!" Wesley Stromberg told 'On Air With Ryan Seacrest' today (Oct. 31). "We were always playing it backstage to psych us up for the show and figured if we're always rockin' out to it, why not just tape it and share with our fans!"

Keep taping everything, guys, tape it ALL!