Oh, those boys in Emblem3! They're such thoughtful young chaps. The threesome tweeted a "Get well soon" message to Austin Mahone, the teenage dream who is ailing and had to postpone his headline tour due to illness.

But it was no ordinary, "Hey Austin, get better soon, bro! We're pulling for ya!" sentiment. It was much more clever, and it was done in typical E3 style.

The boys dressed up in doctor gear -- complete with head mirrors, stethoscopes and white lab coats. They even offered to give Mahone a sponge bath! Too funny, right?

Remember when they mimicked Justin Bieber performing naked? We love the E3 boys and their collective sense of humor. They really are injecting pop music with a big dose of F-U-N.

We bet that the Emblem3 maniacs out there would love to see what the band's bedside manner is like. Who wouldn't love to have these cute and talented boys attend to them when sick?