Emblem3, who rolled deep on last season's 'X Factor,' just dropped their debut, 'Nothing to Lose.' E3 are armed with cray cray catchy songs -- come on, try and deny that you sing 'Chloe' at the top of your lungs in your car -- that they co-wrote and deliver in a fresh, sun-splashed way that combines our favorite elements of Hot Chelle Rae and One Direction.

We nabbed some time with the uber chill Wes Stromberg from Emblem3, who was as laid back, as candid and as sweet as you'd expect him to be. He talked about Cali swag; shared a secret about 'Girl Next Door'; told us about the pooch that he and his bandmates received as a gift from a fan; and revealed why it's better to lose 'X Factor' than to win it.

Emblem3 are very, well, emblematic of your home state of California. You boys are very Cali in your music and your vibe. What's the best thing about your city?
Now that I have been everywhere, I can safely say that Cali is the coolest place in America. Coming from a place like that, you have a vibe. They call it 'Cali swag,' but you notice it when you've been away. Everyone is chill. That's the best thing. You can vibe and chill.

Pick one song on the record and share a writing or recording story -- we want our readers and Emblem3 fans to walk away feeling like you just shared a secret with them, so have at it.
Every single track has an awesome story behind it and came from something real. But my personal favorite and what means the most to me is 'Girl Next Door.' There was this girl who used to live down the street. I was obsessed with her and thought she was so hot. I could not stop thinking about her. Like I couldn't sleep at night and I was daydreaming about her while I was in school. When we hung out and hooked up, it was the most epic thing ever.

Does she know that the song is about her?
I don't think so... Probably not.

Watch an Acoustic Performance of 'Girl Next Door'

It seems to me that fans are really reacting to '3000 Miles,' the ballad on the new album. I'm seeing tons of tweets...
That is getting the most attention. I think it's since it's so relatable... to everyone and anyone who has ever left home. It's about missing home... think if you went into the army or moved or left someone behind.

Do you think that it is better to not win 'X Factor?' Look at Cher Lloyd or One Direction from the British edition. Both acts didn't win and went on to be bigger and more successful than the artist who did win.
I think there is some truth to that. First place means you kinda get stuck in promoting the show and the next season. When you are a runner-up, you are still the underdog and people are still interested in you, since you didn't get that deal. You still have the fanbase, too! It is better to not win, I think.

You're about to tour with Selena Gomez. You've already met her. What's she like? 
She is a cool girl, and she is really fun and wants to have a good time. So, this tour is going to be exciting and fun.

You meet tons of fans on the road and you have had some signings where you get up close and personal with Emblem3 fanatics. What's the craziest gift a fan ever gave you?
At the signings, they give cool gifts, like hats and shirts, notes, art things that they draw or created. But one fan gave us a puppy. The fan was from Brazil. The dog's name is Sampson, and he is the cutest dog in the entire world. He is a Westie Terrier. We were on the bus and at 11 at night, we got a knock on the door. There was a puppy chilling in a crate and a note from the fan, who said she loved us. She wrote that she found peace by tending to another being, so she wanted to give us that opportunity, too. It was amazing. We give him so much love. We kept him!

Do you have any other hobbies, skills or talents that's non-musical?
I basically focus on music all day, every day. I don't do much but live on the tour bus.

Louis Tomlinson from 1D said that he'd want One Direction to be remembered as the boy bad that didn't dance. Finish this sentence. Emblem3 is the boy band that...
...We also don't dance. We only do awesome stuff. We play our own instruments and write our own songs.

Watch the Emblem3 'Chloe (You're the One That I Want)' Video