As Hollywood Week continued, three 'Idol' hopefuls made their way in front of the judges to prove their singing chops.

The first was Erika Van Pelt of South Kingston, R.I., who interestingly enough makes her living as a mobile DJ and wedding singer. In her audition, Van Pelt had the judges eating out of her hand with her a cappella rendition of 'Will You Love Me Tomorrow,' originally penned by Carole King and performed by the Shirelles.

In L.A., Van Pelt fared well once again, taking the stage in a red and white thick plaid under a black vest. She dug deep and showcased her impressive pipes on Pink's 'Glitter in the Air,' leaving the judges raving about her performances.

"I like that feeling right there," Jennifer Lopez offered before Randy Jackson added, "Good way to start off the afternoon." And the afternoon seemed to be on the up as New York street performer Creighton Fraker stepped forward and offered up Queen's 'Somebody to Love.' Fraker, who made an impression in his audition with both his oddities and his contagious new sound, seems to have won the judges over, and they gave him the go-ahead once again.

Then we saw Aaron Marcellus, who was on Season 7 of 'Idol' and was cut before the Top 24. Not one to give up easily, Marcellus is back, and he seems like an older, wiser, more formidable foe. This week he won his ticket with a version of Luther Vandross' 'Forever, for Always, for Love.'

Watch Erika Van Pelt, Creighton Fraker + Arron Marcellus Perform on 'American Idol'