During a gig in Hong Kong, Justin Bieber introduced his fans to a track by singer-songwriter Ernie Halter with a performance of Halter's song 'Come Home to Me.' Bieber even showed up to personally surprise Halter at a show in California, where the pair did a duet on the same song. Now, Halter is turning the tables, as he is covering Bieber's 'Baby' this time around.

Halter posted a YouTube video of his acoustic rendition of the Bieber breakout hit. His version of 'Baby' is drastically different from the original, as Halter's silky smooth vocals and light guitar strumming transform the song from a high-energy, dance hit to a tranquil, soothing tune. The 'Baby' cover has a beachy vibe, and Halter covers all points of the song, even Ludacris' rap verse!

Your move, Bieber! Which Ernie Halter song will you be taking on next? Ernie Halter's cover of 'Baby' is available on iTunes by clicking here. To pick up a copy of Halter's album 'Franklin & Vermont,' which features the single 'Come Home to Me,' by clicking here.

Watch the Ernie Halter Cover of Justin Bieber's 'Baby'