Evanescence's self-titled third album will feature 12 tracks, according to the tracklisting revealed today by NME.

The first song on the record is 'What You Want,' the powerful lead single from the project. The song has entered the Top 20 on Billboard's Rock Songs and Alternative Songs charts.

Other titles on the album include 'Never Go Back,' 'Lost in Paradise,' 'End of the Dream,' and 'Swimming Home,' which serves as the final track on the album.

Singer Amy Lee has said of the new music, "It rocks, and not that there’s nothing going on that does, but less and less; that’s definitely not what’s dominating the airwaves. And it would be so amazing and it’s totally our dream to have that happen for us; not even just for us, but, like, we want to hear rock music again.”

'Evanescence' comes out on Oct. 11.  The band is also planning to support the new music with a tour, which includes a few dates in England in November.

'Evanescence' Tracklisting
1. 'What You Want'
2. 'Made Of Stone'
3. 'The Change'
4. 'My Heart Is Broken'
5. 'The Other Side'
6. 'Erase This'
7. 'Lost In Paradise'
8. 'Sick'
9. 'End Of The Dream'
10. 'Oceans'
11. 'Never Go Back'
12. 'Swimming Home'