Far East Movement have released a video for their 'Free Wired' track 'So What?' in which they take on a black-and-white aesthetic, while listing their greatest desires.

Kev Nish, J-Splif and Prohgress each take turns on the mic, spouting off rhymes with the help of the borrowed catch phrase from the Beastie Boys' hit single 'So What'cha Want.' DJ Virmin holds it down in the back, while mixing beats for the track.

The group also nods to Wreckx-N-Effect's 1992 single 'Rump Shaker' in its lyrics when J-Splif raps: "Hey you take it to the room / We can fly stars take it to the moon / We can wild out take it to the zoo / All I wanna do is zoom zoom zoom zoom."

The only prominent color that's displayed throughout the video is a hot pink paint that drips from the arms of one of Far East Movement's tantalizing ladies. Eventually, she smothers her body in it, making for a sticky situation.

'So What?' follows the release of songs like 'Like a G6,' 'Rocketeer' and 'If I Was You (OMG)' from the Asian-American hip-hop group. 'Free Wired' was released in October 2010 and helped catapult the Los Angeles natives into pop stardom.

Watch the Far East Movement 'So What?' Video