Happy 4/20 to all of the bong rippers, blunt smokers and joint tokers out there. To celebrate the nationwide smoke up today, we'd like to know who your favorite celebrity stoner is. There are a handful of artists out there who are very open about their love and passion for marijuana, but of these famous potheads, who is your favorite?

First up in our quartet is Lil Wayne, who makes no secret of his weed smoking habits. Not only do tons of his songs make references about pot and include audio samples of him smoking some sort of apparatus, but he's also been busted with significant amounts before. Second in our circle of celebrity stoners is none other than big Snoop Dogg himself, probably the king of all famous stoners (next to maybe, Willie Nelson and Cheech & Chong). There's not much to say about Snoop except that he loves to get high and doesn't care who knows it!

Next up is Rihanna, who seems to be a fairly new stoner, at least in the public eye. The beautiful Bajan songstress updates fans on her stoner sessions, uploading pictures of herself French inhaling and rolling up to Twitter and Instagram. She was also snapped at 2012 Coachella smoking a blunt... Which she rolled on top of her security guard's head while sitting on top his shoulders.

Finally, there's Wiz Khalifa, who has won Stoner of the Year from High Times. He's pretty much Snoop's predecessor as the leading stoner of hip-hop, and the two have even teamed up for the stoner comedy 'Mac & Devin Go to High School,' for which the duo recorded songs like 'You Can Put it in a Zag, I’mma Put it in a Blunt.'

Who is your favorite celebrity stoner? Vote below and leave us a comment with your thoughts.

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