Flo Rida has worked with a long list of artists during his career, including Lady Gaga, Kesha, Ne-Yo, and will.i.am -- but his strangest (and perhaps most satisfying) collaboration has to be the one he had with Sports Illustrated cover model Kate Upton on Wednesday (March 20).

TMZ has the scoop on the performance, which took place at Samsung's Spring 2013 Launch Party, held at the very staid-sounding Museum of American Finance. But rather than talking about numbers, Rida took the stage to deliver some of his hits -- and was joined by Upton, who... well, she pretty much just danced around, really, but we don't see anyone complaining in the clip embedded above.

And for the coup de grace? Like it says in the lyrics to his hit 'Low,' Rida "turned around and gave that big booty a smack."

Nice work if you can get it.