Frank Ocean can't catch a break. When he's not embroiled with drama over parking spaces, he's dealing with lawsuits. Ocean was recently served with a suit over his song 'Lost.'

AllHipHop reports that a songwriter and producer named Micah Otano filed a lawsuit in United States District Court, Central District of California, on March 6. Otano claims that he penned a song called 'Daylight' with producer Malay, who worked on 'Lost.' Otano's accusing Malay for taking all the production credit for Ocean's track, which Otano claims he helped in producing.

How did Otano contribute? Well, he claims that Malay copied his song 'Daylight' and basically turned it into 'Lost.'

Otano named Ocean, Malay, Island Def Jam and Universal records in his suit, which is seeking unspecified damages as well as back royalties. Considering that 'ChannelORANGE' was a huge hit (even nabbing Ocean a Grammy), if Otano's suit has merit, he should be making some serious coin from this case.

Listen to Frank Ocean, 'Lost'