We've been hoping for a followup to Frank Ocean's Channel Orange debut for over two years now  — even Adele, who knows all about the Lengthy Musical Absence, recently told Rolling Stone that she's "just f---ing waiting for Frank f---king Ocean to come out with his album." The singer-songwriter's progress on the project has been shrouded in mystery, as a tentative release date has come and gone. Is it even called Boys Don't Cry anymore? We simply don't know. But another artist's tweet has sparked hope that we're thisclose to hearing something new...and great.

A-Trak — producer, Kanye West's former tour DJ and brother to Chromeo's Dave 1 — perhaps-unwittingly trolled Ocean's fans with a mysterious tweet on November 23:

Vampire Weekend's Rostam Batmanglij, who produced Carly Rae Jepsen's excellent "Warm Blood" this year, replied to the tweet with a simple "yup." This would suggest the track's produced by one or both of them — perhaps even for Batmanglij's group. But the lack of additional info didn't stop hopeful Ocean fans from cooking up theories immediately.

Other dot-connecting Twitter users cited Ocean's known love for cars (so rare!) as further proof, since his Nostalgia, ULTRA mixtape cover featured an orange BMW and a Ford Mustang graced the cover of his Lonny Breaux compilation. This "evidence" is paper thin at best, but here's where things get interesting: NME points out that a man named Tremaine D Emory, a promoter who recently hosted a London event attended by Frank Ocean, quoted A-Trak's tweet with the comment "ALBUM OF THE YEAR."

Swish...or it could be another artist entirely. But for the sake of downtrodden Frank Ocean stans, we're hoping this is one conspiracy theory that's actually true.

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