Following Game's disgusting behavior where he spat on a group of females at a club in Australia, more footage has surfaced of the rapper's outrageous behavior during his Feb. 19 concert down under.

In the clip, Game is seen urging a woman, who was invited onstage, to take off her top and show her breasts. When she refused, one member from Game's crew named Kid Red gropes the young woman as he tries to remove her top.

When she continues to refuse Kid Red's advances, the woman is immediately pushed off the stage onto the crowd below. Without a missing a beat, Game then segues into his song 'Wouldn't Get Far' from his 2006 LP 'Doctor's Advocate.'

Australia's News9 is also reporting that a huge fight did break out after the concert when one of Game's cronies flirted with a male patron's girlfriend. However, no arrests were made by police.

Anti-violence groups in Australia have condemned Game's behavior while he was touring in the country and says it's part of hip-hop's stigma to objectify women. "What these are symptoms of is a style of hip-hop based on the objectification of women and hostility towards women," says Dr. Michael Flood, an ambassador for anti-violence group White Ribbon. "The Game is one of a number of rappers who portray women as sexual objects."

In response to the controversy, Game went on Twitter and wrote, "N----s be givin these h--s too much power." To which Australian civil-rights activist Caryn Parker, responded, "You are not a man, you are disgusting, please don't come back to Australia!"

We couldn't agree more. Shame on Game for treating his Aussie fans with such disrespect. His behavior is totally unacceptable and, quite frankly, he shouldn't be allowed back.

What do you think? Should Game be banned from Austrilia for his disgusting behavior to his Aussie fans? Post your comments below.

Watch the Female Game Fan Getting Groped on Stage