The always opinionated Gene Simmons is not feeling Madonna's selection as the provider of Super Bowl halftime entertainment. In fact, the Kiss bassist known as 'The Demon' likened the Material Girl to a karaoke singer. Whether or not you are psyched to have Madge perform at the Super Bowl is one thing. Calling her a karaoke singer is insulting.

When TMZ caught up with Simmons outside of a Hollywood restaurant, they asked his opinion on Madge's upcoming gig. He said, "I love karaoke singers. I love all girl signers who get up and sing with the tapes." Jeez, Gene, what's the beef with Madge?

Perhaps Simmons thinks a certain rock band with makeup-wearing members playing live might be a better choice and fit for the most watched TV event of the year?

When the TMZ reporter asked Simmons if he saw that Scotty McCreery -- a male singer -- was caught singing to tape at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade a few weeks back, Simmons eschewed the sentiment. The always quotable rocker said he loved everyone, save for the guy on the motorcycle who backfired and ruined his sound byte. Was he backpedaling? Could be. But Simmons is never one to be shy with his opinions.

He also said that he does not think Madonna is appropriate to serve up halftime entertainment, saying, "Get up, do it real or tell everyone it's a tape."

Watch Gene Simmons Reveal His Displeasure Regarding Madonna Super Bowl Gig