The Girls Aloud extended family continues to expand. Group member Kimberley Walsh is expecting her first child.

The singer of the British girl group, 32, took to Twitter -- the preferred method of communicating that has pretty much replaced press releases -- to reveal that she has a bun in the oven.

Dad is her longtime boyfriend Justin Scott, who was a member of Triple 8, a U.K. boy band! Clearly, their baby-to-be is going to be born with some pretty musical DNA.

Walsh's ex-bandmate Nadine Coyle welcomed her daughter earlier this month, as well. So while Girls Aloud aren't actively together anymore, the ladies remain busy with their personal lives. Cheryl Cole is the most popular member of the group, BTW.

But you know what Walsh's pregnancy means, right? It means that Coyle's daughter and Walsh's baby will gave to get together and form a teen pop group when they are of age!