On Tuesday night's 'Asian F' episode of 'Glee,' Amber Riley's Mercedes bolted from The New Directions in favor of a start up glee club launched by Miss Corcoran. Mercedes, who was a focal point of the episode, declared that she was over 'The Rachel Berry Show.'

Well, Riley talked to EW about some of the fallout from her shocking defection, a plot twist she admitted "scared" her. She then embraced the "newness" of life beyond the Directions for her character, saying, "Every actor loves a challenge, and I get to embark on something new, something different that Mercedes hasn’t gotten to do."

Riley did tease that someone else from the New Directions will be joining her in the new club!
"Somebody might be coming over with Mercedes from [New Directions]," Riley hinted. She didn't divulge more details! OMG! Who could it be? We're dying to know. The next new ep doesn't air until Nov. 1, so we'll bite our nails like they're our dinner until then!

Riley's overall fate as Mercedes is still up in the air for next season, being a senior and all. "All I know is I’ve been told that I’m a senior and I am graduating,” Riley admitted. "If it is my last season, it is what it is. I’ve been given a really great platform to do other things that I love. I’m happy at the place where I am."

Amber Riley and Mercedes seem like they are both ready for new challenges!