The 'Big Brother' episode of 'Glee' is highly anticipated for reasons beyond just the guest appearance of the physically perfect Matt Bomer -- the song list is stellar.'Glee' will return for Season 3 right where they left off: Quinn's car accident. Rachel cries, “It’s not right. I’m so, so sorry,” while Mike comforts a sobbing Tina. Other highlights? Sue and Cooper (yes, for realsies) will kiss!

Of course, we're most excited about Bomer and Darren Criss's duets. Bomer plays, appropriately enough, Criss' big brother on the show, and the two have a bit of an estranged relationship. The duo will sing a fraternal interpretation of Gotye’s ‘Somebody That I Used to Know,’ as well as a Duran Duran mashup.

“I love everything about it,” Bomer said of their covers. “It was great to suddenly find myself in their sandbox and in the choir room,” Bomer adds. “I feel like being a fan of the show helped me to jump into the world a little bit easier than if I’d never seen it before.”

Criss is most excited about introducing the world to the Blaine Anderson outside of McKinley High. When asked about the episode, Criss said, "I finally get to meet other people in the Anderson family, as does the whole ‘Glee’ world.”

'Glee': 'Big Brother' airs this Monday, April 10, at 8 PM ET on Fox.

‘Glee’ ‘Big Brother’ Episode Song List:

-Blaine and Cooper, ‘Hungry Like the Wolf / Rio’ (Duran Duran)
-Blaine and Cooper, ‘Somebody That I Used to Know’ (Gotye feat. Kimbra)
-Blaine, ‘Fighter’ (Christina Aguilera)
-'Glee’ Cast, 'Up Up Up' (The Givers)
-'Glee' Cast, ‘I'm Still Standing’ (Elton John)