The members of the 'Glee' cast are continually using their voices for good -- and in this case, 'Bad.' On Tuesday, Michael Jackson will return from the dead to take over the hit FOX show, in spirit anyway, and we're totally digging the glee club's version of his 1987 hit.

No single star shines brighter on this particular rendition, as the song is a blend of different New Directions voices coming together to create something totally unique and totally MJ. If there's anything 'bad' we can say about it, it's that it's somewhat lackluster compared to the King of Pop himself -- but who would we be if we said otherwise? No one does MJ like MJ.

Still, we're pumped to see what the 'Glee' kids can do when they get the creative license to go crazy on all things Michael, and can you imagine the dancing? You just know Artie will be burning rubber rolling around the stage. If this isn't Mike Chang's chance to shine, we don't know what is.

The special 'Glee' tribute to the late and great Michael Jackson airs Tuesday, January 31 at 8PM ET, only on FOX.

Listen to 'Glee' Cast, 'Bad'