On Tuesday's 'Prom Queen' episode of 'Glee,' Rachel will lay down Christina Perri's spiteful hit, 'Jar of Hearts,' and we bet we know just who it's geared towards -- but it's not who you think.

It's been all things prom in the past few episodes of our favorite FOX show, and we're just dying to know who is going to be crowned king and queen when the glee club goes to the dance! Will it be Finn and Quinn, the perfect prince and princess? Or will we get thrown a curveball, like 'Glee' loves to pitch so often?

Based on this sneak peek solo, there's one thing we know for sure, and it's that Rachel isn't happy. She will belt a beautiful but heavy-weighted solo of 'Jar of Hearts,' but it might not be for Finn. "You don't get to get me back," she sings soulfully but persistently, before breaking into the chorus:

"Who do you think you are / Running around leaving scars / Collecting your jar of hearts / And tearing love apart / You're gonna catch a cold / From the ice inside your soul / So don't come back for me / Don't come back at all."

Could this song be a plot spoiler? Has Finn actually come to his senses -- does he realize Quinn is not a queen, but positively the Wicked Witch of the West? We wish. More than likely, Rachel's old flame Jesse St. James (Jonathan Groff) is the culprit behind this fiery cover. He returns for the first time since 'Glee' Season 1.

As much as we love Christina Perri, this Rachel tune stands out above her previous solos. Really, we just love a good song with some anger behind it! Put him in his place, girlfriend!

Tune in Tuesday to catch the 'Prom Queen' episode of 'Glee' -- or head straight over to PopCrush to grab a recap following the show!

Rating: 9/10

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