A clip from Season 4 of 'Glee' has dropped, featuring Kate Hudson as dance teacher Cassandra criticizing Lea Michele's beloved Rachel Berry. Despite only seeing a minute of footage, we predict an Emmy for Hudson, who was also nominated for an Oscar for her work in 'Almost Famous.' She has really sunk her teeth into the part of a nasty dance teacher in New York City who takes a particular liking to Rachel Berry. And by liking we mean she derives pleasure from picking on Berry like a scab.

Watching Hudson chew the scenery is delightfully devilish. She is owning it.

In the Dance 101 class, Hudson, looking tight and fit in a black bodysuit, declares, "If you are not suffering from severe body dysmorphia, you don't want it enough." Damn! That line is the zinger of the season. She then barks, "Maybe two of you will be good enough to make it in this business. The rest of you, thank you for paying my rent on my loft in Soho."

Okay, she just trumped the best line of the season with an even better one!

Cassandra spots Berry, looking terrified, sweating and decidedly out of her league. She circles her, asking, "What's your name, little miss... David Schwimmer?" Ouch. And the hits just keep on coming. She taunts Berry, saying she must have been a big star in Iowa, not caring that Berry is really from Ohio. She calls her dance moves pathetic and her attitude stuck up.

It's going to be a rough time in New York for Rachel Berry.

Season 4 of 'Glee' launches on Sept. 13 on FOX with 'The New Rachel.'