Sorry, Gleeks! Class won't be in session at McKinley High for two months. 'Glee' will go on hiatus for two months starting in March. What's the reasoning behind the break?

Reuters reports that Fox is making room for a new block of comedy shows beginning March 6. 'Raising Hope' will snag the 8PM time slot, with 'I Hate My Teenage Daughter' at 8:30. Zooey Deschanel's 'New Girl' will move to 9PM. The most surprising move comes from the series 'Breaking In,' which was initially cancelled last season but made a shocking comeback.

'Glee' will air its winter finale on Feb. 21 at 8PM. The musical favorite has been sliding steadily in ratings during its third season following a strong, solid first and second seasons. The musical series dropped 23 percent in ratings this season.

Not only has the show itself dropped in ratings, but its songs haven't charted as well this season. Despite the ‘Glee’ cast now having the most Billboard hits in Hot 100 in history, none of this season's tracks broke the Top 40 except their Adele cover medley ‘Rumour Has It / Someone Like You’ -- which, in fairness to the series, was actually one of the show’s biggest hits ever, garnering 160,000 downloads.

Have no fear, fans! Sources said that despite the ratings drop, the series is still an enormous success -- and will almost certainly be back for season four.