On Tuesday's 'I Am Unicorn' episode of 'Glee,' New Directions will gear up for a big musical production with tracks from 'West Side Story' and this one, 'I'm the Greatest Star' from 'Funny Girl,' as sung by the greatest star, Kurt!

On the Sept. 27 episode, Mr. Schue will set up a glee boot camp to get his club in gear, and a handful of McKinley High's biggest divas will show off their all-star talent. While Rachel and Blaine dabble with other songs, Kurt will take on the self-loving song from the 1964 Barbra Streisand Broadway original.

Per usual, the animated and outwardly-gay star owns his performance -- and we haven't even seen it yet, only heard! He hits all of the notes while making smalltalk with himself, which takes a lot of talent no matter how you spin it. We could only conjure up 3.5 stars, however, only because we're still blue that 'Glee' has given up on their Top 40 parade.

We can't wait to tune into FOX as Season 3, Episode 2 rolls onto our screen. Also in the 'I Am Unicorn' episode, Idina Menzel returns as Shelby Corcoran, Rachel's biological mother and adoptive mom to Quinn and Puck's baby, Beth.

Listen to ‘Glee’ Cast (Kurt), ‘I'm the Greatest Star’ (From ‘Funny Girl’)