While his character on 'Glee' may be most comfortable in black rimmed glasses and bow ties, Kevin McHale's off screen style is much more bold, leading Billboard to call him the most fashionable of the cast. If that comes as a surprise to you, you're not alone -- his castmates were taken aback at first too!

"At first for all the cast it was weird for them to see me in my normal clothes, and now it's weird for them to see me in my Artie clothes because I dress so different in real life, " he told Billboard. "I do care the most about clothes, and Artie of all the characters cares the least."

While McHale doesn't specifically call out any of his favorite labels, he's a conscientious dresser and takes pride in putting things together. "I really respect certain brands, mixing and matching and having your own look regardless," McHale said. "Having a bold look. I've been trying to kind of work my way into that in figuring out how I like to dress and taking chances. I guess I don't care as much if people think I look crazy. I'm willing got put myself out there and hopefully get a good response."

McHale thinks his musical background with boy band NLT influences his style choices, and he digs artists who put accompany their hit songs with haute couture. "I really love when music artists like Lady Gaga or Michael Jackson wear outrageous things. Obviously If I wore something like that I'd look like an idiot, but I really respect fashion." We suppose that means we shouldn't expect him to don a suit made out of meat anytime soon.