When it comes to staying fit, 'Glee' starlet Lea Michele doesn't mess around. Michele works hard to keep her body in tip-top condition, and the singer recently dished about her workout and diet routines to the UK's premiere health publication, Zest magazine.

Michele first spoke about her love for outdoor activities, saying, "I get outdoors a lot. I love to hike, ride my bike, and rock climb. They're not just brilliant workouts, they're like therapy, too, because they help to clear your head." Michele continues, "I also do Bikram yoga; I could be in that hot room all day!"

The actress's lifestyle choices also allow her to stay skinny and fit. Michele adheres to a strict vegan diet, and credits this as a huge factor in keeping a slim physique. She resides in LA, and gushed about the delicious variety of vegan foods and restaurants that the city has to offer.

Also, Michele shared one great tip for those who are constantly on the go like herself -- download the Nike Training Club app to your iPhone. "I can just whip out my phone and do it anywhere. And because it targets all the key muscles, I know I've had a full workout," Michelle said.

What a great tip! The app was created by trainer Marie Purvis, and it boasts more than 60 different workouts. Click here to download the app to get your booty in gear any time of the day.

Watch the Lea Michele Nike Training Club Video