'Glee' proved in tonight's 'Original Song' episode that they're able to win audiences over with their own creative works, but how did those new songs pan out for New Directions at Regionals? PopCrush has your recap.

The Warblers kicked off Season 2, Episode 16 with a stellar rendition of Maroon 5's 'Misery' as they danced through the halls of Dalton Academy. But Kurt feels extremely jealous that he never gets a chance to fly solo, and encourages Blaine to re-think their Regionals opening number.

Elsewhere, at McKinley High, Rachel tests out her first original, 'Only Child' -- and Finn called it when he said it's better than her last, 'My Headband' -- but that isn't saying much. Quinn aims to be prom queen, but she knows she can't do it without the school stud, Finn, so she plots to keep her friends close and her enemies closer in order to take down Rachel. The Warblers canary mascot, Pavarotti, takes a sudden dive, and in his honor Kurt solos The Beatles' 'Blackbird,' which helps Blaine to see the light.

As the McKinley High glee club gears up for Regionals, Quinn suggests that they perform original songs -- and that she and Rachel write one together. Santana debuts a sultry one-of-a-kind called 'Trouty Mouth' for Sam, and Puck lays out a rocking 'Big Ass Heart' for Lauren Zizes during a songwriting session. Back at Dalton, Blaine suggests that a Kurt/Blaine duet is the only way they'll stand a chance against New Directions, and in an intimate moment in the choir room, Blaine goes in for the kill with a heartfelt kiss (or two).

In an episode highlight, Mercedes knocks her peers to the curb with an upbeat horn-backed original song, 'Hell to the No.' New Directions are inspired by months and months of put-downs from Sue, and Will proposes they write an original tune about being the biggest losers in the school. Quinn and Rachel share a teary moment when the head cheerleader tells the composed school girl she will never get it right, which sends Rachel into a songwriting frenzy.

Kathy Griffin and Loretta Devine guest starred as judges in this jam-packed Regionals episode, and as the curtain opened, Oral Intensity kicked off the competition with 'Jesus Is My Friend' (Sonseeds). But it was no match for performance that followed -- Kurt and Blaine let their newfound romance lead the Warblers in Hey Monday's 'The Candles,' which blended into Pink's fist-pumping hit 'Raise Your Glass' and got the boys a standing ovation.

The 'Glee' world stood still as Rachel took the stage to represent New Directions with her original song, 'Get It Right,' while Kurt, Will, and Finn looked on proudly -- and the underdog glee club had fans and foe alike on their feet for their ensemble performance of 'Loser Like Me.’ True to good sportsmanship, the Warblers rooted for the competition with big foam fingers in the air, and even Sue couldn't hide that she was a bit impressed.

The roar of the auditorium crowd led us into a commercial break, but watching Griffin's Sarah Palin judge character battle against the Dalton Academy 'gay school' and 'boy on boy' duet was worth the wait. Oh, and seeing the New Directions take home the gold, of course.

Tonight's 'Original Song' episode packed more music into an hour than we ever thought possible, but it was proud moment after proud moment for our glee club. Tune in as PopCrush gives you the play-by-play in the episodes leading up to Nationals!