The 'Dance With Somebody' ep of 'Glee' is set for this Tuesday (April 24), as the New Directions will perform the music of the late great Whitney Houston. In this preview clip, they offer up an absolutely stunning (and semi-rearranged) version of Whit's early dance hit 'How Will I Know.'

Mercedes starts the song out a cappella, with Kurt and Santana harmonizing alongside her when her nemesister Rachel Berry swoops in to offer up her vocal as they walk the halls and sing their little hearts out.

The 'Glee' rendition is both a slower and sadder version of Whit's ode to crushing on someone and being apprehensive about telling him, but the finger snapping is a nice addition. We were hooked when they harmonize on the stage while being impeccably well-dressed. Soon, the students disperse as Berry hits that note like her voice was a hammer.

Gorgeous. The ending is spare, as the camera cuts to the spotlight on the stage floor. Who's going to graduate McKinley High and on to stardom? Time will only tell.

In other 'Glee' news, the show and its talented cast notched another record industry milestone, becoming the first and only act to place 200 entries on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The show's cast has long surpassed Elvis Presley, who had 108 entries. Congrats, 'Glee' guys and gals.

Watch 'Glee' Cast Perform Whitney Houston 'How Will I Know'