A short but sweet promo of the next episode of 'Glee,' called 'Pot O' Gold,' has surfaced. The next new episode doesn't air until Nov. 1, so you have three weeks to wait to find out which member of The New Directions defects along with Mercedes.

Mercedes bounced on last night's episode since she was over being the second banana to Rachel Berry. Mercedes boldly chose not to split the role of Maria in 'West Side Story' via a double casting with Rachel. If you didn't see it, trust us, it was quite the exit. Applause, applause to the golden-throated Mercedes for having the courage to move the hell on!

This quick clip depicts Mercedes talking to other people, seeming to recruit them for the new club being formed by the returning Miss Corcoran. Oh yeah, we see a few shots of her. Sue Sylvester also shows up a bunch in the spot, as her typical salty self!

It looks like more drama will unfold. We're dying to know who might join Mercedes in the start-up club.

Watch the 'Glee' Promo for 'Pot O' Gold'