Get ready, Gleeks. Changes are coming in Season 3 of 'Glee,' including the addition of a new nemesis for resident mean girl Sue Sylvester, a role that will be filled by the winner of 'The Glee Project,' show creator Ryan Murphy says.

"The winner of 'The Glee Project' is the person who she hates the most in the history of the show," he tells, adding that Sue "is going to destroy their life."

While there are still several weeks left of the Oxygen competition series, the winner is currently unaware of his or her upcoming story arc, Murphy adds. Still, the lucky winner of the seven-episode guest role has clearly earned his or her place on the show.

"The person that won, for me, the reason why I chose them was because they had the exact same thing that Lea Michele has, that Chris Colfer has, that Darren Criss has, which is they are a star and I want to write for them," he maintains.

The screenwriter relied on his cast and casting director, Robert Ulrich, to help choose the right contestant for the hit Fox series. "How he cast this and gave me the finalists was very similar to how he did the 'Glee' pilot. All I said was I want people who are unknown and I want creative stars," Murphy explains. "They don't have to be beautiful, they don't have to be handsome, they just have to be talented and they have to have moving stories. That, at the end of the day, is what I've always done and what we do on 'Glee.'"

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