With the 'Prom Queen' episode of 'Glee' just a few days away, even the show's cast members can't help but get excited. In a recent interview with E! Online, Lea Michele, who plays Rachel, opened up about how the mock prom compared to her own -- and even gave away a few details!

"This one was in the gym, mine was at some rooftop in New York City," Lea Michele says of the 'Glee' prom against her own high school prom experience. "I preferred this one so much more! There were these balloons in the ceiling and they fell down while we were dancing and doing the final number, and I just really felt like anything that I didn't get to live out in my actual prom I really got to filming this episode."

The 24-year-old 'Glee' superstar hasn't seen a true high school dance in a few years now, but she's getting to re-live the best and worst of her teenage years in front of millions of people, week after week. Michele revealed that of all of the episodes of 'Glee,' the 'Prom Queen' hour is set to take the cake. She adds, "Some people who have seen it said it's one of our best episodes ever."

'Prom Queen' airs this Tuesday night at 8PM ET on FOX.

Watch As Lea Michele Spills on the 'Glee' 'Prom Queen' Episode