'Glee' returns to FOX tonight with an episode that pits pop-powerhouses Lady Gaga and Katy Perry against one another for a battle of supremacy. Which pop-star will come out on top?

Mr. Schuester (Matthew Morrison) announces the show choirs that the New Directions will be going up against for Nationals and on that list is the dreaded Throat Explosion, a new show choir super-group who is so over the top that they're considered mini-Lady Gagas. The kids are worried because as Tina (Jenna Ushkowitz) explains, they're just a room of Katy Perrys.

When the group devolves into an argument about who they're more like, Will tells them to switch up their dynamic for that week, with the Gagas becoming Katys and the Katys becoming Gagas.

Meanwhile, Kurt (Chris Colfer) is busy trying to put together a band. Rachel (Lea Michele) says she needs to focus on her work in 'Funnygirl' but Santana (Naya Rivera) and Dani (Demi Lovato) want in.

Sam (Chord Overstreet)  is working on his new love interest Penny (Phoebe Strole) but he quickly discovers that while she looks sweet she loves hard music. After she learns he loves tamer music she turns down an offer to go out with him as she has tickets to see NIN with her ex. To deal with this dynamic, Blaine (Darren Criss) suggests that Sam shows her he can be a Gaga.

Another couple dealing with a similar problem are Marley (Melissa Benoist) and Jake (Jacob Artist) a Katy and a Gaga who want different things in their relationship.

Back in New York, Kurt has rented out an audition space for their band but only one person shows up to audition: the fabulously dressed Starchild (Adam Lambert). After singing his rendition of Gaga's 'Marry the Night,' Kurt gives him a resounding no, saying his look is too loud.

In order to impress Penny, Sam takes over Team Gaga and recruits Becky (Lauren Potter) to round up all the Gaga fans in the school for their performance.

On the east coast, Rachel tries to convince Kurt to accept Starchild, but Kurt is adamant that he's the one who started the band and therefore he should be the focus, mostly because he's tired of being the sidekick.

A devious Bree (Erinn Westbrook) has been ordered by Sue (Jane Lynch) to keep an eye on the New Directions and has started her nefarious plans by inviting Jake to work with her in the dance studio.

Unique (Alex Newell), concerned by this confusing decision, calls Marley to warn her that Jake is dirty dancing with their nemesis. In order to get Jake back, Unique suggests that Marley go full Gaga.

The Gagas put on their version of 'Applause' complete with recreations of famous Gaga outfits. The only one who doesn't come dressed to theme is Marley who wears a cutesy Katy Perry candy outfit instead of the seashell bra she was originally assigned. Her excuse? A very understandable explanation that it made her uncomfortable.

Despite telling Mr. Schuester that she's not going to change herself for anything or anyone, Will suspends Marley for a week as punishment, accusing her of putting herself ahead of winning as a group.

Starchild -- real name Elliot -- shows up at Kurt's job to talk to him about the band. He expresses his desire to have Kurt reconsider his decision even if he joins the band as Elliot. Kurt says in order to be successful he needs to surround himself with the best people and asks Elliot to be part of the group, regardless of which one of his personalities shows up.

Back in Sam's confusing love life, Penny admits she doesn't like Lady Gaga or any heavy music for that matter and that deep down she's really a Katy Perry. Apparently she was so tired of being considered vanilla that she tried to date bad boys. After bonding over their love of Katy, Sam invites her to watch the New Directions perform and they proceed to celebrate their mutual excitement by making out. A lot.

In the auditorium (yet again) the Katys perform a rendition of Katy Perry's 'Wide Awake.'

Jake takes Marley home and they begin to make out but she pushes him away when he gets too frisky. They get into an argument with Marley saying she's tired of being pressured and Jake countering that no one is pressuring her. A spurned Jake goes back to McKinley and finds Bree, inviting her to find a private place to go in the school with him.

Rachel returns from 'Funnygirl' practice sad because she's missing Finn (Cory Monteith) when she jokes to Kurt that he should call his band Pamela Lansbury. With a band name chosen Kurt begs Rachel to join them. She finally agrees.

When the kids become upset that Throat Explosion is doing 'Applause' for Nationals Mr. Schuester reminds them that this week they learned about turning their weaknesses into strengths and in order to beat the best they just need to come together and be that much stronger.

Sue ruins their love-fest and suspends all the kids for one week for dressing inappropriately on school grounds despite the fact that their competition is quickly approaching. To show Sue that her machinations can't get them down the New Directions and the New Yorkers sing Katy Perry's 'Roar.'