Talk about a tribute -- the cast of 'Glee' will perform nothing but Fleetwood Mac tunes on next week's 'Rumours' episode!

'Glee' will tackle one of the top rock albums of all time on May 3, and we know that Rachel, Finn, Santana and the rest of the gang will totally do 'Rumours' justice. After all, isn't that the ultimate form of flattery -- being covered on 'Glee?'

Kristin Chenoweth will return as April Rhodes, and she and Will will duet on 'Dreams,' while Santana will lay down 'Songbird' all by her lonesome. Artie will also get a solo number -- he'll be performing 'Never Going Back Again,' Quinn and Finn will double-team 'I Don't Wanna Know,' and Rachel will shine in a tune suited for her and her alone, 'Go Your Own Way.'

'Glee' has given full episode nods to artists in the past -- i.e. the 'Britney/Brittany' Britney Spears tribute last fall -- but this will be the first time that an entire episode has centered around one artist, one album. We can't wait to see what's in store for Season 2, Episode 19, but 'Rumours' have it that the glee club will uncover some interesting info about Sam's family, and Sue will run slanderous comments about New Directions in the McKinley High paper. Scandalous!

Rumours’ Episode Song List:
- Artie, 'Never Going Back Again'
- April and Will, 'Dreams'
- Quinn and Finn, 'I Don't Wanna Know'
- Santana, 'Songbird'
- Rachel, 'Go Your Own Way'