We'll be livin' la vida loca on next week's all new episode of 'Glee,' 'The Spanish Teacher.' Ricky Martin guest stars as McKinley High's newest Spanish teacher David Martinez, stepping in to teach Mr. Schue a thing or two about the sizzlin' language at night school.

As expected, the Latin lover will not only be bringing his bi-lingual talents to the stage, but he'll be teaching the kids something else he knows way too much about -- smooth songs and sexy dance moves! Unfortunately, that means he'll become a rival to Will, according to AceShowbiz, potentially vying for his own position at the school. In a new promo for next week's ep, Martin is shown shaking his bon bon with Santana and Finn, getting the New Directions kids in the mood for a little bit of Spanish flavor.

Oh, and you want plot spoilers? Sue is planning to have a baby, of all things, because in her words, "I have a very strong mothering instinct." Say what?

'The Spanish Teacher' episode is also said to bring the introduction of the Queen of Latin Pop, Gloria Estefan, as Santana's mother. If what we heard in December still holds true, Estefan's own hits will be a frontrunner in the episode, perhaps blended with a few of Martin's booty-shakin' smashes. 'Glee' is also hoping to snag Pitbull to portray Santana's brother, but no word on whether that deal was made or broke.

We can hardly wait for Martin and Estefan to turn up the heat next week! 'The Spanish Teacher' airs Tuesday, Feb. 7 on 'Glee.'

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