In light of losing Blaine Anderson to McKinley High, Dalton Academy and its popular Warblers will get a new member this fall on 'Glee' -- though he's by no means as nice as the person whose spot he's filling. Newcomer Grant Gustin, who will portray the "gay villain" Sebastian starting this season, dished on what gleeks can expect from his character.

"Darren Criss was that new confident strong gay character, and Sebastian is taking that a step further. He's a guys-guy, just a dude who happens to be gay, he's a lacrosse player, he's popular," Grant tells the Hollywood Reporter. "He's after Blaine, obviously, and he's also trying to take the place that Blaine had as the leader of the Warblers. He's been referred to as a villain, which I guess is true in the sense that he's going to get what he wants and he doesn't care who he steps on along the way, but he does so with a smile on his face."

If he's after Blaine, he'll have to step on Kurt to get there ... And that's certainly a villain in our book. Fortunately, Grant says that he's actually excited to stir up some drama this season, because it will be a big step in the right direction for gay fans of the show. "I think it's also important because it's introducing a love triangle for Blaine and Kurt. It's going to show these two aren't together because they're the only two gay characters," he reveals. "We don't really know yet if I'm going to split them up yet, but this is ending their honeymoon phase and making them more like the rest of the couples on the show. I think it's important to show, because it's not like there's couples and gay couples. Introducing some similar drama that everyone has seen before."

While Grant is indescribably excited to walk onto the 'Glee' set, he's got big shoes to fill -- and plenty of people to impress. "It's kind of weird though, on places like Twitter, to get hate from people who don't even know me yet. The idea of splitting up Klaine, if you well, is not sitting well with people," Gustin admits. "It's weird stepping into that and people not liking you off the bat."

Grant Gustin will make his 'Glee' debut on the Nov. 8 episode, 'The First Time,' but he wouldn't dish too many details about how things will play out. "I shouldn't say too much, but I will say that it's a pretty big character reveal. I'd be surprised if you didn't see too much more of Sebastian. But to be honest I do not know how much I'll be around. It's set up that it could go either way," he spilled. "And that's all I can say about it. ... There's some good stuff coming up, and not just in that episode. The episode before and those following. There's some juicy stuff happening."