2013 is already shaping up to be Beyonce's year. From her high-profile (and much debated) national anthem performance at the inauguration to this weekend's Super Bowl halftime show to her fifth album on the horizon, it's all about Bey, Bey, Bey.

She also has a new fragrance to launch in the form of Pulse NYC.

"Now that I am a New Yorker, and I have learned about how I can accomplish anything in this city, I felt it was the appropriate energy for a new fragrance," Bey said about what inspired her to add another perfume to her booming portfolio of scents.

In this footage, which captures the behind-the-scenes happenings at the photo shoot, Bey looks gorgeous with her blonde-kissed locks and a silver dress hugging that enviable body of hers.

We see her in the wardrobe fitting, and watch the poses she strikes while being photographed -- since the idea behind the scent and the shoot is being true to both the uniqueness of Manhattan and the uniqueness of Beyonce herself.

She states that she was going for edgy and sophisticated, and felt that they achieved their goal. They sure did.

Could she be any more gorgeous?

We love when she gets playful at the end, and teases that the bottle is her favorite color, which is blue and which is the name of her daughter. Even divas can be cute in B-roll footage.