Graffiti6's new video for the bluesy, soul, funk, pop hybrid tune 'Free' unfolds in the urban landscape of New York City, with demonstrative singer Jamie Scott wandering the streets on a warm, sunny day and pondering love. He passes young couples that are engaged in PDAs, street musicians making their way and faces his own feelings, as he laments a love lost. It makes you wonder if you truly are freed when you split with someone you love. Or not.

There is a poignant shot of Scott and his brunette lady love in a bed in a great apartment (um, how could either of them afford that space?) with lots of natural light and the city's famous buildings visible from their wide windows. The sun-splashed shot of them embracing and grabbing onto one another makes you wonder if they are holding on or letting go. It could be either. We love when a video makes us think, such as this one does.

We also find Scott emoting on a rooftop, singing his lungs out with his arms outstretched. He has a pretty, soulful voice (for a boy) and he certainly makes us feel and believe his pain in this video. It's a yummy taste of what is to come.

Graffiti6 will release 'Colours' on Jan. 24.

Watch the Graffiti6 'Free' Video