Before fiery redhead Hannah McIalwain was casted for 'The Glee Project,' she was trying to be 'Made' into a rapper!

McIalwain appeared on the MTV show in Season 10, alongside coach/female rapper Chiba, who helped her achieve her dream of becoming a rapper called Rouge. Now, the 20-year-old sparkplug will set out in search of a new dream, which is to appear on 'Glee' alongside Darren Criss, Matthew Morrison and the gang.

"This is huge for me," she says of 'The Glee Project' opportunity, echoing her peers in the competition. "Being on 'Glee' is a dream come true."

In her character spot, Miss Hannah opens up about why her weight will strike a nerve with viewers, and hopefully help her likability. "I think that a lot of people will be able to relate to me and to my story. I struggle with body image issues and self-confidence issues, and I think that a lot of girls and guys are going through that -- especially at our young age," says Hannah, who was picked up by the new Oxygen show at the Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas audition.

Not only that, this girl has got flavor. "I think people would definitely describe me as funny and silly, and just definitely off the wall," she says of what sets her apart. "I think that the edge that I have is just my unique personality. I am one-of-a-kind -- that's why I'm here. I think that's going to carry me a long way."

But even the most calm and collected of reality TV stars are nervous from time to time, even if they keep it under the radar. "Yeah, I get nervous, of course, and it's hard to be vulnerable, but I just love being on stage so I just forget about all of that other stuff," Hannah admits.

Hannah will go head-to-head with 11 other competitors on the show, and if all goes well for her on 'The Glee Project,' she will be made into a 'Glee' recurring character! 'The Glee Project' kicks off on Oxygen on June 12.