Harry Styles reportedly went a little "bananas" during a recent One Direction's show when he showed up on stage wearing a hilarious suit!

The band performed in Charlotte, NC on Sunday night, Sept. 28, when the 20-year-old British heartthrob wore a banana suit while dancing for fans during the concert.

Fans were tickled by the gag and went to social media to share their photos and Vine videos.

Directioners have pointed out that Styles has shown his love for bananas in the past.

He was once caught eating a banana in the middle of a concert...

...and also appeared to be riding an inflatable banana in the 'Live While We're Young' music video.

So whatever fascination Harry may have with bananas, he seems to have taken it one step further by imitating the very fruit he loves eating.

Careful Harry: it's a "slippery" slope you're on.

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