In an absolutely heartwrenching new promo for Red Nose Day, Harry Styles and Liam Payne of One Direction visit a hospital in Ghana, and Styles couldn't hold back his tears.

In the video, Payne and styles are in an emergency room full of children, many of whom are suffering from diseases that the rest of us have been vaccinated from since we were babies. "It's a strange atmosphere ... it's very quiet, no one's really talking," Styles said.

He and Payne stroll about the area, talking to doctors, patients and parents, many of whom have sad stories and few of whom have promising prognoses. Upon learning that one young boy in particular is suffering from both malaria and anemia, giving him so little strength that he can't even cry or hold up his own head, Styles breaks down and sobs.

Styles is the second One Direction singer to break down and cry over the sick children in the Ghana hospital. A previous video showed bandmate Zayn Malik so moved he could barely muster the words he needed to urge viewers and fans to donate to prevent more tragic cases like the ones witnessed.

To donate to Red Nose Day, click here -- and make the boys turn those frowns upside down for good.