One Direction, who recorded their 'One Way or Another' cover to benefit U.K. Comic Relief's Red Nose Day, for charity efforts catering to sick children, visited Princess Marie Louise Children's Hospital in Accra, Ghana. The boys are moved and heartbroken by what they witnessed, but it was member Zayn Malik who breaks down in tears.

1D released the video of their time with the sick children, who are malnourished and in need of vital vaccinations, in order to encourage people to donate and make a difference. The video is hard to watch, so we can only imagine that it was certainly tougher in the flesh.

The boys admit to being scared and nervous about what they might see and encounter when they enter the hospital. They spend time with sick babies, engaging in tactile contact with the little angles.

Louis Tomlinson converses with a woman holding an infant whose mother has died. Niall Horan says he heard a child's insides rub together while it coughed.

But it's Malik who is visibly ripped apart by what he sees. He pleads with viewers to donate to prevent this sort of pain and suffering. He is choked up and can barely push the words out, showing his incredibly sensitive side.

"It's so hard," he says, fighting tears. "I've never seen anything like this, never experienced anything like this in my life. The babies aren't even a year old. And it costs five pounds. You just have to pick up the phone. That's all you have to do."

Hopefully, Directioners will help the boys make a difference.