Happy birthday, Harry!

It's easy to forget that One Direction heartthrob Harry Styles is the youngest in the group, in part because Niall Horan is often regarded as the baby. But little precious Hazza is growing up before our eyes, which we could only wish were as gorgeous and green as his.

To celebrate his 19th birthday, we've compiled 19 of our favorite GIFs of the Chesire-born cutie. Put on your swimmies and get ready to take a dive into those dimples -- in motion!

When Harry saw Kanye West's latest stage attire:

When Harry heard Conan O'Brien's Taylor Swift song parody:

When Harry saw our list of who he should date next:

When Harry and Louis Tomlinson heard they won big at the NRJ Music Awards:

Harry and Ed Sheeran's reactions to rumors the Ginger Jesus was dating Taylor Swift:

Harry's review of 'Les Mis':

When Harry gets asked about those pesky Larry Stylinson rumors:

When Harry was asked how he really feels about Simon Cowell:

During the pivotal scenes of 'Zero Dark Thirty':

"But when you smile at the ground, it ain't hard to tell ..."

After nature called outdoors ...

When a cute cougar passes by:

Harry imitating a T-Rex ... or maybe just Cee Lo Green.

Seriously bro, where do you get all that charm?

When Harry forgot his hair pomade:

When asked about theoretical physics:

When Harry hears 'In Da Club' today:

And just because: