Is Harry Styles officially off the market? Recent rumors that place the One Direction singer with talent agent Joy Muggli are still going strong.

When stories surrounding a possible budding romance between Styles and Muggli first surfaced, One Direction’s reps were quick to deny them -- in fact, according to J-14, they went so far as to claim the two had never even met. But just when we thought 1D’s camp had silenced the rumors once and for all, Muggli’s mother, Daniela Gronna, came forth to claim that her daughter and Styles are an item.

Speaking with Heat magazine, Gronna claimed Styles and Muggli “met through mutual friends. Joy knows a lot of people.”

She added that she believes her daughter wants to see where things go with Styles, but isn’t interested in the publicity of dating the famous boy bander. “[Muggli is] a very serious girl,” Gronna said. “She wouldn’t do something like this for attention. She doesn’t need that.”

“I’m not sure if Harry is aware of what repercussions he might cause in her life or job,” she continued. “But Joy is curious about what’s coming next.”

While it’s still unclear if Muggli is or isn’t Styles’ latest girlfriend, her mother did say her daughter once listened to 1D but she wouldn’t go so far as to call Muggli a fan of the English pop stars. “She did like One Direction’s music, along with all the other music she listened to,” her mother explained, “but I wouldn’t say she was a fan.”

Honestly, we’re not sure if Gronna’s statements confirm the rumors or just confuse us more. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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