One Direction fans were in for a rude awakening today (Dec. 19) when they realized the insanely salacious hashtag #HarryStylesNudesLeaked was trending on Twitter -- only to then find out that it was, in fact, a false alarm.

We don't blame anyone for totally freaking out -- Harry Styles is certainly one of the most, um, desired, celebs on the planet right now and that kind of scandal would definitely break the Internet, ala Kim Kardashian. But it looks like the hashtag was made up by a One Direction fan, and it soon spread like wildfire -- as these things do.

Once Directioners realized it was just a joke they started to tweet out some hilarious reactions, and we've compiled some of our favorites for you here. From Photoshopped images of Harry's head pasted on to the body of a turkey to images of sheer disappointment, the hashtag is now full of stuff that'll make even the most hardened Directioner cackle. Check 'em out below!


Directioners are kind of known for Twitter pranks, the most notable being the time in 2012 when a group of fans spread word that Harry got into a scuffle with a photographer that eventually ended in his arrest after he punched the guy in the face. Ever since then, the fandom's been a little more wary about believing Twitter rumors, but sometimes our deepest desires get the better of us. In the wise words of 'The X-Files': [We] want to believe.

If you saw the hashtag trending on Twitter, did you fall for it? Let us know!

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