Poor Harry Styles! The One Direction singer got a crotch full of shoe onstage at the band's concert in Glasgow, Scotland.

The Daily Record reports that following their performance of 'Last First Kiss' last night (Feb. 26), the group were answering fan questions from Twitter onstage when a shoe flew up. Styles caught the first one and remarked, "It's a shoe!" Unfortunately, when the second shoe was hurled onto the stage, he wasn't so lucky -- it hit him right in the family jewels!

Styles was doubled over in pain, with, appropriately enough, Liam Payne popping over to check to see if he was okay. Hazza squirmed and fidgeted about on the floor for a bit before getting up, stretching and appearing as flustered as you'd imagine. He's such a trooper! "I'm scarred from shoes," he said sheepishly.

Understandably, Styles lost his place when answering Directioners' questions, to which Payne explained, "Well, he's just been assaulted!"

Come on, Directioners. You've already seen poor Hazza cry. Don't make it happen again!